• Alone and at high altitude?

    Your vital signs are being followed live and anywhere:

    I-Streme© Wearables

  • Cold and in a storm?

    Receive a forecast tailored exactly for your GPS location:

    I-Streme© Sky

  • Out for a run?

    Have someone by your side - on the other side of the planet:

    I-Streme© Run

  • Lost?

    Your location is being transmitted in real time to any of your peers:

    I-Streme© Mountain

  • Rescued?

    Your vital signs are still being shared during your ride to safety:

    I-Streme© Dashboard

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  • Life is about enjoying what you like to do best, but safely - even if you are far away

    With i-Streme© Basic we now offer safety, connectivity and staying in touch with your loved ones - live! Read More
  • When you are clueless as to how to read the sky

    You now have access to an extremely accurate weather forecast pinpointed to your location with i-Streme© Sky Read More
  • When you wish to know where your loved ones are and how they are

    With WiCis-Sports i-Streme© anybody in the world can know where you are, follow your heart rate, or for that matter - your heart's ambitions... Read More
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This is no Fitbit or Strava...

 Five points to retain:

1. Data is sent out every second (live) and you can see it on any browser anywhere in the planet, 1-2 seconds later. We do NOT upload data at the end of the day!

2. Use your smartphone for GPS data (no need to buy Garmin, Suunto, or any other GPS device)

3. Social media ready (your friends, family, or your personal coach, can view your data on any platform)

4. Add wearables that send RELIABLE data in real time, not smoothed out numbers at the end of the day that have been averaged

5. Analytics tools for the scientist in you


Real data from recent K2 expedition: Bio-metrics plus GPS data in real time on your smartphone! 


WiCis-Sports Solutions


Running / Biking


Optional sat-phone + weather + wearables

No need for Garmin, SUUNTO if you only want to stream GPS data!

Read More



Optional sat phone + weather + wearables + Global Rescue

Read More



Optional sat router + weather + multiparameter monitor

Read More
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When we say live data, we mean it! (Demo feed from Europe to California)

When we say live data, we mean it! (Demo feed from Europe to California)