Remember when your last Adventure in Europe, Asia or Africa, required both a Satphone AND an inReach or Spot Satellite Messenger to safely stay in touch?

Your Android phone connected to a Thuraya Satsleeve, Iridium or Globalstar alone now makes satellite messengers obsolete! Stream vital signs data, GPS data, text, call, chat, SOS, send pictures, post to social and switch to Wi-Fi or 3G whenever it's available to save money. Share your data every second or up to once every 15 minutes - your choice! Data can be viewed on ANY internet connected device on the planet, one second later (Windows, iOS, Android). 

Garrett Madison arriving at C2 on K2, Pakistan while streaming data with I-Streme. 
Data on dashboard (right) was live, 1 second later, as seen California!

Isn't it time you experience adventure with 21st century technology?

Download I-Streme, configure your dashboard with our Wizard at the time of your first login, and start sharing your data in minutes!

Download: Free 2 Week Test Period!