WiCis-Sports Basecamp: an Emergency Room anywhere on the planet


Shey La, Upper Dolpo Nepal, - camp at 15,750 feet

Set-up your "MASH" unit in minutes

  • Find the flattest spot and erect your tent
  • Set up your solar charger
  • Start up your Thuraya hotspot, multiparameter medical monitor and laptop
  • Communicate

Medical/Communications Tent

If you've been backpacking with a group before, or if you climb mountains as part of a team, this is nothing new. Or is it? Because for the first time in adventure sports, your team will have access to not only medical equipment similar to what you have in any emergency room in the world, but also, because you can share live data, you can have any world specialist see it and suggest the appropriate medical care as if he/she were there with you!

Equipment needed:

  • Thuraya IP+ sathub
  • Smartphone (Samsung/iPhone)
  • WiCis Muli-parameter wifi medical monitor
  • Laptop  (MS Surface Pro)
  • WiCis USB Ultrasound probe + software
  • Oxygen
  • Gamow bag
  • Medications
  • Backup radios

Once you have your communications set up, setting up your medical post is simple. Your WiCis wi-fi monitor, when connected to the Thuraya hotspot, will begin streaming data to the WiCis server continuously. Measure the same data that your emergency room doctor would gather: Blood pressure (non-invasive - this means with a cuff), Temperature (you can have two different probes), Electrocardiogram, and Oxygen saturation. The data sent out is in identical format to what a doctor sees when you are in a hospital: EKG waveforms, SpO2 waveforms, Heart Rate, O2 Saturation, Systolic, Diastolic, and Mean Blood pressure, and two possible Temperature readings. All data have alarm settings. You can even enter pictures, as in the screen below where the IV site is being documented.




Setting up your solar is simple since you will not be moving. You will be charging radios, a laptop, and a multiparameter medical device, so we reccomend a product that can handle the load:

EnergyBar 100 | Portable Power | Portable Battery Pack

Aspect Solar Energy Bar 100 + EnergyBar 39 Watt Solar Panel Kit (left) - note that you can use a 12v to AC inverter



This involves setting up your laptop, your multiparameter medical device, and even your ultrasound probe. Ultrasound? More on this later.

Set up your Thuraya IP+ broadband to connect to the internet.

Product Image

Thuraya IP+

Tablets are the way to go these days. They are light, incredibly powerful, and connected to a Thuraya IP broadband, you are connected to the rest of the planet in seconds. We really like the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. They are extremely light, powerful, and can run our entire solution. The MS Surface 3 Pro is our favorite as of early 2016.

MS Surface 3 Pro

Once your laptop is connected to the internet, you can receive weather information for your climbers, you can see climbers'data on the WiCis-Sports web client, you can communicate with them, and you can even use it as an ultrasound device.

The best monitoring device for base camp is a multiparameter monitor that runs on batteries that sends its data via wifi to our WiCis server. The device boots up in seconds, and begins sending data to the server once paired with the Thuraya hotspot. It is small, light, and we have tested intensively in the operating room comparing it to monitors that cost 20 times the price. You can view it's data both on its own color screen, or on any internet connected device in the world, with about a one second delay!

FG6 WiFi Monitor

An ultrasound device is useful and effective in the treatment of frostbite. If your doctor at base camp has been trained in peripheral nerve blocks, these are a great method to dilate vessels in your fingertips and toes. Peripheral nerve injections will block the sympathetic nervous system and your arteries will dilate improving the chances of saving fingers or toes. An ultrasound can also be useful in evaluating abdominal trauma. A well trained medical doctor can block the pain on any extremity for 24 hours while on the mountain if you have suffered a fracture Cannulation of any vessel is made easy with the use of an ultrasound device, especially in somebody who is cold, vasoconstricted, and with difficult venous access.

In short, ultrasound can now become part of any expedition if somebody with adequate training is part of the team. Thanks to Thuraya hotspot, you can share your images with any hospital in the world.

An ultrasound solution running on a MS Surface 2 Pro. You can run this on your main expedition computer too!