Using WiCis-Sports as a marine solution is simple - just follow these easy steps!


Sailing in Lake Tahoe, CA on a J22 - high winds can pick up quickly and a calm afternoon can quickly become an emergency


  • Start-up your Thuraya hotspot
  • Connect your smartphone to Thuraya
  • Load WiCis app on your smartphone
  • Start sharing your geo-location, speed, bearing - updated every second
  • Share medical data if you are on a transat and are not feeling well, as an option - even share real-time EKG waveforms


Whether you like to sail alone, or you are on a cruise liner in the Indian Ocean on vacation, there comes the time when you either want to share your exact location in real time, with your friends and family, or your health status with your doctor at home. WiCis-Sports has a solution.

With the WiCis app running on your smartphone, you can share live to Facebook where you are, post a picture, and share a comment. Those viewing your data can write back with weather information or even news about your new nephew that was born yesterday!

But what if you become ill? The WiCis multiparameter monitor is no different in capabilities than the one your emergency room doctor would use.

WiCis WiFi multiparameter monitor. Note SpO2, EKG, two Temperatures, and Blood Pressure

 You can transmit your electrocardiogram in real time if you believe your symptoms are of cardia origin. Share also a live oxygen saturation curve, your blood pressure, and even your body temperature.

Share your location, bearin, speed and health status in real time on Facebook

Your doctor, looking at your EKG will be able to determine your cardiac rhythm, signs of ischemia or myocardial infarction (heart attack), and by looking at your blood pressure and oxygen saturation, be able to assess if you are approaching or are in cardiac failure. Your temperature can also be shared in an effort to help with a diagnosis of pneumonia for instance, along with the other parameters.

The WiCis app on your smartphone will allow you to take pictures, and immediately share them to the WiCis client app. Do you think you have a broken arm? Share it with your doctor. Did you hurt your head with the boom? Again share it. The WiCis-Thuraya combo allows you to have an emergency room on your boat or vessel.