WiCis-Sports generates data even a scientist can use when you're out for a jog or a serious run


Streaming accurate vitals from multiple devices - in real time

At WiCis-Sports we don't intend to compete with Fitbit, Nike or Garmin. Our goal is to provide the athlete with data from multiple sensors, every second, that is streamed and stored and can then be analyzed with our tools. 

High resolution, multiple sensors, streaming to social media, and storage of every data point for analysis - this is the WiCis-Sports difference and what makes us unique.

With WiCis-Sports, you can choose what vital signs you want to follow (up to SEVEN devices), and then stream them in real time, every second, to your trainer with a one second resolution!

Your vitals on Facebook - see a live demo here! (demo, demo)

The battle for your wrist is far from over, and even the biggest names in the industry give you bogus results

With WiCis-Sports, you are in the driver's seat. And by transmitting data every second, we are to also weed out the noise. We also help you by not offering devices that we know are not accurate or meet the standards of those used in medical practice.

What to measure

  • Heart rate - chest straps are they way to go and in our opinion the most accurate
  • Temperature - easy to measure and accurate
  • Periodic pulse oximetry
  • Geo-location on google maps
  • Speed, altitude, bearing, accelerometer information
  • Step count
  • Sweat analysis (coming soon)

Data review

All data is streamed in real time to a live screen on any internet connected device. Every data point is saved. Every single one! Stream your run even to Facebook - as in the picture above. Data can even be played back.

With data being stored every second, you will be able to accurately analyze any run, and even play it back!

Want to be a scientist with your data? Use Wicis-Analytics to review it intelligently with YOUR queries. .

WiCis-Analytics - setting up your own parameters to follow