I-Streme Health Concierge

I-Streme Health Concierge for Adventure allows you to travel anywhere on the planet and have a doctor nearby for any issue that you may run into. 

Travel with Peace of Mind

Why do you need I-Streme Health Concierge?

  1. You may be traveling to a part of the world where health issues are prevalent and need help. 
  2. You may have a pre-existing condition that may require medical follow-up often.
  3. You want rapid acclimatization and wish to measure when you are ready for a higher altitude
  4. You may suffer from an accident and require immediate diagnosis and consultation
  5. You need an immediate rescue

Your own Personal Dashboard

With I-Streme Health Concierge you can:

  1. Review any health issues that may come up when you visit the area you are going to before departure and receive a complete document with things to watch for at your destination
  2. Have a Board Certified US Doctor follow your vital signs from anywhere in the planet, live.
    • For extreme altitude planning, check your Hemoglobin levels before and during acclimatization (bluetooth Hgb monitor)
    • In the case of mountain climbing, decide when and if you should start using oxygen or other medications (bluetooth pulse oximeter)
    • Follow your heart rate (even while you are climbing) to better assess your degree of acclimatization
    • Track Hypoxico© training progress with hard scientific data instead of blind faith 
    • Follow EKG, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation with a portable wi-fi monitor connected to the I-Streme server
I-Streme Web Monitor

   3. Have a US Doctor review pictures that you send him. These pictures may included but are not limited to

- skin lesions

- injured limb

- x-rays taken where you are

- Discuss with your doctor whether you need to be transferred or not.

   4. Video-conference if you have wi-fi or 3g available. Chat or talk if you have a sat-phone.

   5. Arrange your transfer back to your country of origin via our partner, Global Rescue

   6. Have your friends and family know your exact geo-location, altitude, bearing at all times, live in case you are attacked or kidnapped.

   7. Have your own personal Adventure Dashboard created before you leave.

   8. Have your own personal Training Forms for following your acclimatization progress:



Tell us where you are going, and we will create a tailored concierge health package for your adventure!

Fees starting at $500/week with all services included.