The I-Streme solution consists of two Elements


I-Streme App

WiCis-Sports Private Dashboard

 An App which you install on your smartphone, and the WiCis Dashboard to review your data using any browser

Videos for learning the ins and outs of I-Streme:

  1. I-Streme Basics

  2. I-Streme Satphone Gateways

  3. I-Streme Weather

  4. I-Streme Indicators

  5. I-Streme and how to post to Social

  6. I-Streme Wearables

Videos for learning about our dashboard and how to set it up past the default installation

  1. WiCis-Sports Dashboard Basics video

  2. WiCis-Sports Dashboard Full Documentation

Basic Steps to get the best results from our system

  • Install I-Streme from the Play Store
  • After installing it, follow the wizard to create a basic dashboard on our cloud server. This wizard allows you to:
    • Add the basic widgets to your personal dashboard
    • Add an image widget to place on your dashboard on the top left
    • Add widgets for the different bio-metrics or geo-location data that you wish to follow
    • Pair the medical data widgets to a data source (wearable)
  • Open your dashboard on any browser at the following url:
    • Enter the username and password you selected when starting your app
    • Start your app and begin to stream gps data (turn your tracking data ON inside your app)
    • View the data on your personal dashboard
    • Click and drag your widgets to place them where you want on the dashbard
    • Some widgets allow you to change their size by clicking on the Edit Icon (bottom right)
    • Consider adding other widgets by clicking on the top left area: Add mWidget
    • Test your wearables by starting them from the App and looking for data on your dashboard
  • Your done! With time you will be able to fine-tune your dashboard to make it look like a professional adventurer's one!