We are adventure and safety experts, offering you reliable technology and resources that we have tested and love! 


  • We can interface to any wearable. In fact, we have many many interfaces, but we only sell those that we have personally tested
  • We are real time! That means, that about one second later, anybody in the world can see whatever data you are sharing
  • Our wearables generate medical quality data, not hello-kitty data
  • We are totally social. We can even stream data into Facebook
  • View our data on iOS, Android, Windows - or any operating system with a browser
  • We have an analytics tool for the mathematically minded
  • We store all your data so you can review it at any time


Who we are

  • We are a group of ten people that can't wait to get outdoors and test our stuff every day
  • We sell only items we test
  • Our roots are in Lake Tahoe (Nevada, USA) close to the mountains we cherish
  • We were incorporated in 2011
  • We also run a non-profit 501 (c) 3 for helping Nepal (mHealthkarma)
  • You can find us on TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube, and of course on our web page @ http://wicis-sports.com
  • Our address: 111 W. Proctor St, Carson City, NV 89703

Our team

Dr. L. Montejo
Harvard anesthesiologist, extreme sports enthusiast and founder and creator of the WiCis-Sports solution.
His main aim is to ensure that extreme adventures can enjoy their love of sports, adventure and the challenges associated with climbing, trekking, running, and sailing, all without placing one's body under too much unnecessary risk.
C. Fenes
VP of Marketing
Carlota is our marketing guru and social media expert. She is President of WiCis-Media. 
A. Immink
VP of Brand Partnerships and Expeditions
Alex is very experienced in commercial strategy, business and partnership development across global sports/extreme sports and media properties.
D. Carrol
VP of Engineering
Our engineering guru's exceptional skills are a true asset for WiCis. 
R. Roberts
Randy brings to WiCis a wealth of experience in the world of satellite communications. Randy previously was the Chief Innovation Officer at Thuraya and will become very involved with our company in the very near future. He has for now joined our Board of Directors.
C. Ilmi
VP of Business Development
Christian's experience in the telecommunications world is invaluable for our company. He brings to us his experience in semi-conductor and high tech.
L. Dorji Sherpa
VP of Sales - WiCis-Sports Nepal
Lhakpa is passionate about our solution, tests it constantly in different environments, and represents us in the country with the highest mountains in the world! 
N. Wangdi
Quality Assurance
V. Choudari
Wearables Driver Development
N. Franzmeier
iOS Development
Q. Do
Graphical Design